The Floating Lands:

Session 1: The Tryouts
In which our heros find themselves pulling a paycheck together

Adventurers: Samadam Wiessestout,Tanis Raveneye,Purumars Blackripper


  1. the city needed to requisition an adventurous special task force
  2. Content Not Found: lorna-doran eschews resumes and Cirriculum Vitaes, and so tryouts were held;
  3. three teams of potential heros into the long blocked-off underdark tunnel and sewer systems with the task of returning with as many rat tails as possible as a method of proving one’s worth.

Purumars tells the tale

The beginning
How a ranger, rogue and barbarian cleaned up the bowels of VorTusic

This is written by me, Purumars Blackripper so it may be biased. But the dwarf is too stupid to write and the half-elf looks like he would steal the pen and paper.

Tanis (rogue), Samadam(barbarian) and I meet in front of Taskmaster Doran. The taskmaster explains that the tunnels within VorTusic need to be cleaned of rats. Our worth to the city will be determined by the number of rat tails we bring back.
The mayor rambles on and wastes time blathering about blah, blah, blah… rats, manifest destiny, new tracts of land whatever
We have to cross a skinny bridge to get to the outer ring where we will rappel down the outside of the city to enter the tunnels. The pansy dwarven barbarian is pertrified at the head of the bridge, I continued to the tie off point while Tanis helps Boduke with his fear of heights.
We enter the tunnels and the dwarf visibly relaxes. We don’t have any companions who need smelly torches so we are able sneak in without drawing too much attention.

During our first combat as a group I pinned two rats together with a magnificent arrow shot. The barb and rogue kill some rats too.
After combat I licked the blood of dead rats off my hands. The others look impressed; definitely not disgusted.

When we next run into rats, Tanis gets a decent hit on one. He sliced the rat into three pieces and snatched the tail out of the air (cool).

I tried to jump over a little stream of water, fell short and slid down a tunnel until I was stuck against a rusty grate. (yowling ensued).
The barb tossed down a rope to allow me to climb up.
I tried jumping over the water again, failed and ended up soggy on the same grate.
Since the barb and rogue had waded the stream they were able to throw down the rope and I climbed back up. This time I was on the correct side of the passage.

We wended our way through a neat mechanical room and finally entered the central control room. We were ambushed by rats but defeated them handily.
I flipped levers and the sound of rushing water changed (experiments, cool)

Tanis busted open the rusted control room door with amazing strength and skill. I think he broke his crowbar though.

We exiting the control room and talked with Doran. She thinks we are awesome (She’s right). We reentered the control room, turned off both output A & B and searched for the rat-king.
After back tracking almost to the beginning of the tunnels we discovered the rat-king’s lair.
We found the rat-king and attacked. Before the barbarian could even run over and hit the rat-king Tanis and I pinned the red eyed menace to the wall with a storm of arrows. Tanis was shooting like a madman (badass and cool)

We returned to the surface for our just rewards.

Session 2: The Scouting Mission
The first foray of the VorTusic Special Task Force

Adventurers: Rick, tanis, Samadam Wiessestout, Purumars Blackripper

The Great War has left the world short of strong lawful people, and as such has left great opportunities for those who would raid, steal, and pillage. Farmlands in the area have been getting raided, and shipping lanes are increasingly difficult to keep free of piracy.
VorTusic needs some farmland close by, protected within its thick outer walls.


  1. A nice flat island a few miles out is identified as the ideal size to plug the hole at the bottom of VorTusic’s caldera.
    1. TownMaster Nora Lawson and TaskMaster Lorna Doran scramble a team of their newly appointed special task force to go retrieve a sample from the island’s core crystal
    2. LodeMaster Emeritus Marak can create a pre-programmed crystal to reinserted into the remote islands’ core that will allow it to slowly drift under the VorTusic port.
  2. The task force was taken by an airboat skiff rowed and piloted by Gnumamatic sailor T-Pain.
  3. When the group approached the island, there was a party of goblins on a beached ship, which opened arrow fire on the party.
  4. The party rammed into and handily defeated the Goblins.
  5. There were some hostages in the hold. Arrow hostage negotiations and intimidation ensued.
  6. The remaining goblin was allowed to go free.
  7. Tanis convinced the crew the STF was so poorly funded for all the good they do that all the sailors completely gave up all the gold they had on their persons.
  8. The group went to the summat and retrieved a crystal shard from the island’s core and brought it back without further incident.
Scouting the nearby isles
Pirates! Lodestones! I'm on a boat!

Tanis, Rick and I talked with Lodemaster Marak. He commisioned us to collect a sample of the central lodestone from a nearby isle. He needs the sample to do something, who cares? money excitement glory!

We ride over to the island one a little skiff piloted by T-Pain, he is a gnumamatic but does not seem bloodthirsty. Still don’t trust him.

Once we reach the island we find a merchant vessel beached and some activity on the deck. T-Pain mentions that this is a local ship that often visits VorTusic but he does not know why it would be sitting on a beach. We approach and see goblins! Fighting ensues. Arrows blot out the sky! One of the goblins shoots his cohort in the back of the head. This distracts me so much that my next shot ricochets off the ironclad mast and hits me in the foot. My own arrow! So embarrassing but not as embarrassing as Rick complaining that too many arrows are piercing his defense. I think he looks fine but T-Pain takes us in close to the goblin pirates on the beached vessel and Rick jumps over the gunwales to engage in fierce hand to hand combat. While the goblins are jumping around with a sword wielding badass in their midst I shoot one through the head and nail him to the mast. We quickly dispatch the goblins on the upperdecks. Tanis sneaks down the stairs and finds the crew of the ship held hostage by a couple of quaking goblins. They are right to be scared because once I hear him talking down stairs I jump down and shot one through the eye. Tanis and Rick are scared that the other one will cut the throat of the other crew members so they neogotiate and let the goblin go. Pansies.

Tanis sweet talked the crew into giving us lots of gold for saving their hides. Sweet!

The crew packed up the scattered goods and prepared to sail back to VorTusic. Meanwhile we climbed the mountain and collected a sample from the central lodestone. Nothing exciting happened.

We sailed back to Vortusic. Still nothing exciting happened.

We talked with Lodemaster Marak, he gave us gold. Nice, I like adventuring.

Session 3: The Retrieval Mission
In which our heros move mountains

In the adventure today: Rick, Purumars Blackripper,
Tanis, Samadam Wiessestout, Alprin Metalblaster, <wizard>

  1. During the past week, some members of the VorTusic Special Task Force had been abducted,
    1. Ranger Rick was able to thwart the evil deeds!
    2. Tanis and Puramar go missing
  2. TaskMaster Lorna Doran sends the VTSTF back to the island the scouted on their last adventure, this time returning the crystal shard the took last time. The crystal had been reconfigured and reprogrammed by LodeMaster Emeritus Marak, so when it comes in contact with the remote island’s core it will sink and slide under the center of VorTusic
  3. TaskMaster Lorna Doran had meant to send more people, as there were pirates about, but Purumars Blackripper and Tanis didn’t show up for roll call
  4. T-Pain rocks the boat once again, taking the STF to the island
  5. The Merchant boat from a week ago is long gone, but smoke rising from other side of island
  6. There was a goblin left from last raid, the STF suspect that this is the source of the smoke, and cross the island to investigate
  7. Coming Round the mountain, they see indeed it is the singular goblin, who upon investigation looks like he’d been living there for a week.
  8. Upon intimidation (holding the goblin over the infinite precipice) the goblin told them it’s a trap! Revenge for disturbing their raiding party last week. There’s a longboat rowing around the island to destroy the boat so there’s no escape!
    1. The STF let the goblin go.
    2. Literally.
  9. Running back around to the boat, they find 20 goblins smashing up their boat- AND T-Pain
  10. The goblin raiding party splits in two, 10 led by a fierce dwarven warrier with a warhammer, and 10 start running off with T-Pain, broken and busted, while a buzzing flitbike carries a hooded dwarf to the summit
  11. About this time, Tanis and Purumars find themselves conscious and trussed up in a small dark place.
    1. Puramars uses her claws to shred through the ropes, and the two of them find themselves in the hold of that stinking goblin viking raider longboat
    2. Their gear is all conveniently in a sack next to the hole, so they gear up and go topside, to see the goblin raiding party with the Dwarf viking running to meet the STF, and so start loosing arrows into the back of the group, closing in a pincer move
  12. As Rick steadily pelts the enemy from afar with his longbow, Samadam Wiessestout charges in and clashes warhammers with the viking leader, Alprin the cleric and wizard at his heels.surrounded by goblins and a formidible Viking warrier, Sam has his warhammer knocked from his grasp, but the wizard uses magic to get it back to him.
  13. as goblins are falling, the redbearded leader turns to flee, but not before Tanis has him take a knee and severs the achillies tendon in a perfect shot that did very little damage, bat all in the right place
  14. still that raid leader was trying to escape, so the wizards grasped a sword with magic, and expertly sliced the other ankle, effectively immobilizing the fleeing criminal.
  15. after dispatching the goblins, the STF chases after T-Pain and the other goblins and hooded dwarf up and around the mountain.
  16. Some of the indigenous timid Gnuma rats’ eyes turn red and attack! (quickly dispatched)
  17. An earthquake—- the island is sinking! That blasted hooded dward reprogrammed the core!
  18. When the STF gets to the peak, the goblins have scaled back down to their boat and are making off with their injured captain!
  19. The hooded dwarf was trying to get away but the team was too fast for him, they cought his bike, brought him down, and beat the crap out of him
  20. The island is still sinking- and the reprogramming crystal from the Lodemaster doesn’t work due to something that hooded dwarf has done
    #T Pain is in shreds, and red eyed, with crystals stuck in his core
  21. <wizard> removes the crystal from TPain, who’s eyes turn green again, and asks <wizard> to stick the core crystal in him….
  22. TPain reprograms the crystal to allow it to override the core, then dies
  23. the days is saved, the island floats to its new home under VorTusic
  24. Oh, and what’s this? The dwarf is recognized as GuildMaster’s Assistant Arturus VorSecondus… a mystery for another day!
Retrieving an entire island
Vile treachery! Goblins! Flying pedalbikes!

While enjoying the sights and sounds of VorTusic Tanis and I were shanghaied! Kidnapped and stuffed in the storage locker of a goblin pirate ship. How embarrassing.

Rick and his new friends <cleric> and <wizard> are commissioned to place the programmed lodestone fragment back with the central fragment so that VorTusic can have it’s precious dirt. T-Pain shuttled them back to the nearby isle. …

Session 4: The Investigation of Arturus VorSecondus

In today’s adventure Samadam Wiessestout,Purumars Blackripper, Tanis


  1. TownMaster Nora Lawson knew the mysterious Dwarf as Merchant GuildMaster’s Assistant Arturus VorSecondus.
  2. As VorSecondus is still in a coma from the asswhupping he just recieved, the STF sets out to investigate why he would do such a thing as collaborate with these pirates.
  3. They start with his superior, Merchant GuildMaster Durian VorDresden. Ooh, what a rich snooty snob. They can’t really get a feel for the guy through his condescending highborn airs.
  4. VorDresden takes them to VorSecondus’ office, which is thoroughly searched
  5. behind a loose brick, a ring is found, with a freefloating signet that seems…. to…. point… the way…. to VorSecondus’ house
  6. after breaking in, the group finds a matching signet over the fireplace. touching the ring to the mantelpiece reveals a secret passage with a click
  7. a ladder leads down… to a circular room with a door on the other side and the torso of a Gnumamatic hung from the ceiling with wires and lodestone crystals stuck into him
  8. Entering the room, the Gnuma’s head snaps up, Eyes glowing red and holding Sam in a force field as Gnuma Rats are summoned from holes in the walls all around!
  9. Fierce battle! Until damage and lodestone crystals pulled disables the doctored Gnumamatic guardian and the rats turn yellow-eyed and flee.
  10. The door.. was trapped, but avoided. There was a ladder leading even deeper.
  11. Down the ladder, down a hallway with a pleasant spear trap, and another door.
  12. Behind the door, a laboratory with the wrecked remains of torn up & dismantled
    Gnumamatics, experimentations with all kinds of lodestone crystals and wires jammed into the twisted ramains, and at the far end, some monstrosity with 7 heads.
  14. A greulling battle, with nimble crystal pulling from Tanis and acts of aggression from Sam and Pur, and the frankenstein is defeated.
  15. all remaining wires and lodestones are pulled for good measure
  16. Inside is a large signet exactly like the ring and the mantlepiece.. pointing… SOMEPLACE ELSE—!

.. and that’s the mystery for anorther day!

Session 5: On to Vor Tumesric
Adventure Abroad!

Today’s adventurers: tanis, Rick, Purumars Blackripper, Alprin Metalblaster


  1. After LodeMaster Emeritus Marak did some triangilations, it was decided the compass sigil found in the frankenstein gnumamatic was pointing towards the southern city of Caeldera
  2. Captain James Closure Pilots one of the 3 Vor Tusi naval ships , the IVV Stout towards Caeldera
  3. All aboard are given Life Vests- activate and you will float back to C-Level
  4. Pirate suprise attack!
    1. OK you weren’t surprised were you?
    2. A dozen dwarven pirates riding brawny swardfish- sorry- marlins, with tridents and nets.
  5. fierce battle, good guys win, not without some casualty (amongst the crew) unlucky rolling on the pirates part, really.
    1. lots of fumbling- IE Rick aaaaaalmost went overboard on first round.
    2. puramar shot someone’s weiner off.
    3. Tried to take off with LilJon, the gnumamatic mankeylike lookout in the crows’s nest
  6. interrogation of some of the survivors reveal they were looking for bounty paid for any captured Gnumamatics
    1. further interrogation gained an address of their mechromancer contact
    2. …aaand pirates get hung, anyway
  7. Alprin goes safety harness bungee jum,ping for fun. Does not have fun. Returns coated in poop.
  8. Short rest and finish voyage to VorTumesric
  9. Met in docking bay by Vor Tumesric Merchant Guildmaster Primo VorDaedelus
    1. Rude and snooty, doubly so as party is alternately rude as hell or coated in shit. Fine representatives.
    2. Grants party leave to investigate upper city, says underfactory is off limits, due to industrial trade secrets.
  10. Al takes bath. pyew.
  11. party seeks and then finds group with mechrosigil medallions, and gives chase
  12. rick fires longbow after them in a crowded city, hitting one in the ass, who falls behind.
  13. Alprin stays behind to first twist the arrow, causing unconsciousness, and then bind the wound from rick’s arrow
  14. mechrosigil wearers are chased into a blind alley where they dissapear- until a hole in a huge pipe is discovered and they can be heard to be clambering down.
Session 6: Into Caeldera
The action heats up!

in Today’s Adventure: tanis, Samadam Wiessestout, Rick, Purumars Blackripper

Missing from the previous adventure was Barbarian Sam, who was too terrified f the open sky and was huddling in the hold of the Imperial Vor Vessel Stout while the marlin-riding pirates raided above. Captain James Closure eventually coaxed him out after the Stout was safely docked, whereupon he rejoined the party. When the merry chase through Caeldera began, Cleric Alprin Metalblaster stayed behind to patch the wounds in the fleeing Initiate, and so was caught by the pursuing Caeldera Police, hot on the trail of Rick and company for discharging ranged weaponry within city limits. Alprin is being held for questioning regarding his association with the suspects.


  1. The party chases the 3 remaining Initiates down to the manufacturing level, to a loading bay below the city deep in the boiling lava-enhanced guts of the city, and the Initiates start descending through the manufacturing levels on floating minecart elevators.
  2. Sam leaps down amongst them, and starts pounding.
  3. First loosing some arrows, Puramur must soon leap level – to level to get down to the rapidly descending elevator.
  4. One initiate is pounded unconscious, the other grasps his medallion, which sprouts back vines and tendrils; wrapping his upper torso and face in a mesh of wires, granting superhuman strength! He grabs up Sam and throws him up past Puraramar on a manufacturing floor as the Elevator descends.
    #Sam and Pur jump down onto the platform and both face-plant. The remaining 2 initiates jump off the open platform onto the next manufacturing level as the minecart descends with Sam and Pur on it behind them.
  5. Sam reverses the elevator and they rise, Pur drops on all fours and runs after the fleeing criminals
  6. Rick And Tanis arrive in another elevator,, and give chase while firing arrows, taking down one of them
  7. The remaining Initiate gets into one of a pair of wire cage elevators, and starts closing the door
  8. Rick fires an arrow from across the manufacturing floor, to lodge in the mechanism so the door can’t close and the elevator can’t descend…. but the Initiate pulls the arrown and closes the door just before Pur and Tanis catch up, and the elevator descends
  9. Pur and Tanis jump atop the elevator roof
  10. Meanwhile, Sam pull off the medallion from the unconscious Initiate in the minecart with him. Oh! spikes and tendrils and tendons sprout from the medallion and into his arm and latches onto the surrounding frame of the elevator cart, pinning him there until he has to RIP his arm free from the ensnarement.
  11. As all elevators descend into a large open manufaturing room 3 stories high, Pur shoves her bow into the elevator mechanism, jamming the elevator halfway through the space, locking the Initiate in the chain link cage of the elevator.
  12. Tanis and Pur scramble down as the Initiate calls out to his master, a giant Gnumamatic preying manitis! Some force field surrounds the Gnumatic, and arrows prove ineffectual!
  13. Rick and Sam flank it from behind, and it shoves a missile into two surrounding work Gnumamatics, who awaken and start to fight! Then the Gnuma-mantis’ back lights up and it jumps to the ceiling, where arrows seem to decelerate and barely scratch it due to some field it projects.
  14. Sam and Rick pull their floatation devices, to follow the creature to the ceiling and finish the battle!
  15. The party finishes the battle, the enslaved Gnumatics return to self control, and the police arrive to sort everything out!
Session 7: The Wyrm in the Core
one bad apple..

Adventurers: Rick, tanis, Purumars Blackripper

After literally bringing down the Gnumamatic Mantis creature and the Mechromancer initiates gang on the industrial floating volcano Caeldera factory floor:

  1. the Caeldera City Guard arrives on the scene and collect all the evidence and initiates.
  2. Rick tries unsuccessfully to palm a crystal override dart from the Gnumamantis before the police confiscate everything
  3. Vor Daedelus gives the group a dressing down for entering the classified manufacturing center in the belly of the City while thanking them for their diligence in stopping the marauding illegal Gnuma while ushering them towards the exit.
  4. The factory workers begin to awaken next to their assembly machinery, dutifully ignoring the party, and being ignored entirely by the Dwarven Guard
  5. Alprin Metalblaster and Samadam Wiessestout return to ship, to tend Sam’s wounds from the trapped Mechromancer amulet
  6. The remaining three find some finer weaponry in a dodgy stall, as well as a common if expensive local dagger of temperance (so Pur doesn’t singe her hair in the factory) and some sleepy-time brand poison dust (which by the way did y’all pay for that?), and finally had a nice long rest (though next time let’s do our shopping & haggling offline)
  7. Rick noticed the Mechromancer’s sigil from vor Dresden beast had stopped spinning, and realigned itself towards the core in the base of the High City.
  8. Naturally the party couldn’t resist following the Mechrocompass down to the pleasant park at the base to the High City Tower, and straight to the guarded doors leading to the Core Chamber
  9. A blow of sleep dust and a dogpile and the team was past the guards
  10. The Core Chamber is a spherical room (as they tend to be), with a huge central glowing core in the middle, surrounded by a blizzard of smaller shards orbiting it in various configurations. There’s a humongous eyeless shrimp-like Gnumamatic creature suspended by tendrils from the ceiling over the crystal, its long segmented tail dissapearing into the darkness below. It is inert and indifferent to the party’s presence as it seems to be squeezing out something along its thorax…..
  11. The door busts in and in strides GuildMaster vorDaedelus furious at the intrusion! The guards rush in and vorDaedelus’s rings sprout Mechromance’d gauntlets as he starts blasting spells into the fray!
  12. Pur ducks back into the crystal storm and tries to loose some arrows, but finds it difficult while being buffeted by the crystals
  13. A desperate battle is fought, leaving Tanis unconscious, Rick hanging off the side of a cliff by his fingernails, and Pur barely hanging on to her life.
  14. When vorDaedelus offers a truce and offers bribes of flit bikes, but a suckerpunch from Tanis brings an end to the negotiations.

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