The Floating Lands:

Session 16: The Mines of MistFall

I've got a sinking feeling...

Today’s Adventurers:Freya, Purrgamon, Purumars Blackripper, Tanis Raveneye

Adventure Highlights:
Travelling companions Freya and Purrgamon were travelling from the dwarven Imperium on the long journey to Purrgamon’s forest homelands of Katmandu. Soon after clearing the Dwarven borders, the airship took an unexpected and terrifying dive through the mist, and the Captain told the few passengers in the barge that there was an undeclared stop the ship needed to make…

  • ..arriving on the bubble- protected landing pad, where they find:
    • dozens of tree bark catamarans, with huge lodestones nestled between the double hulls to provide a protective bubble from the UnderMist
    • A overly complex gnumamatic ship torn to peices, being reconstructed by 8 little Gnumamatics
    • A huge gooey black splattery smear surrounded by Tanis Raveneye,Purumars Blackripper,Samadam Wiessestout who’s already walking off to find the nearest booze-hole to drink the agoraphobia away, Rick laying unconscious on the ground alongside a miniature T-Pain almost ripped in 2
    • Bespo standing opposite the group, and
    • surrounded by a crowd of 100 or more small, hardy crystal-callous-crusted Mist Miners.
  • After a misty night’s rest fully of nightmares of things rising up through the mist to eat them,
  • The party is awoken by the clatter of the mist miners gearing to and heading out.
  • Bespo leads the party around on a tour of Mistfall
    • harvesting Lodestone gems freefloating in the the mist
    • the miners are almost like pearl divers, able to see through the impenetrable mist with a personal bubble when they hold their breath
    • the harvest is sorted for trade with the upside lands
  • when the get back, the gnuma pilot of the IVV elite is thrashing and shouting incohenrently and the ship is tearing itself apart
  • Pur spots a dart out of place, embedded in Pilot
  • Rick recognizes them as the Gnuma mind-control darts from in Calderea
  • A Gnome miner sees them extract the dart from Pilot, and books it.
  • Rick valiantly Leaps atop his trust mount Stabby, but not being recovered from yesterdays events over-does it and slumps right off the other side unconscious
  • As the Gnome is running past the huge crystal holding up the landing platform, he chucks a package that sticks to the crystal 10 ft up- and with a huge static shock and lightening cracking up and down the crystal, the bubble field drops and the mist starts creeping in.
  • Tanis gives chase after the gnome
  • Pur trys to scrabble up the crystal to the package
  • Freya leaps atop Stabby and digs her knees in and shouts GIDDIYAP! Hyah! Um Go? Good fishy?
  • Purrgamon leaps on behind Freya and with one whistle the swordfish immediately flies up and prizes the sticky package from the lode crystal
  • the bubble sheild pops back up right as some big rubbery tenticles thump against the sheild
  • Tanis chases the gnome down and tackles him as the gnome throws yet another bubble-dropping sticky package onto another lode stone in passing
  • everyone else is giving chase now between bubbles, when behind them flops a ginormous octopus! 10 ft high head, 15 ft long wriggily tenticles thick as trashcans!
  • tanis is in a bubble on the far side struggling with the gnome who wriggles free and starts booking it again
  • Purrgamon casts druid entanglement, which warps all the wood of the platform the gnome is one and vines wrap around him and stops him short. He struggles to no avail.
  • Tanis comes behind the Gnome and coldcocks him unconscious.
  • Purrgamon leaps off stabble and brings her hands together in a massive thunderwave which slams the octopus back against the lode crystal
  • Freya leaps off the fish and wades into the tenticles with rapier and short sword, slashing and stabbing in a green-goo spurting frenzy while Pur pelts it with arrows
  • much violence later, the octupus squeals and jets off behind an inky dark cloud.


By the way, this was largely inspired by Jason, who after hearing about the last session said, wouldn’t it be a shame if something were to happen to those shields…

Session 16: The Mines of MistFall

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