Questions about the lodestones in the the floating lands

The basic summary is that Lodestone is a crystalline material in all shapes & sizes that keeps the islands afloat and in infused with many plants and animals giving them unique capabilities and properties.

Can you chip pieces off of them?Are the pieces still lodestones?
You can easily shatter lodestone into smaller peices, or a skilled LodeMaster/ craftsman can shear it to a specific size like a diamond cutter. LodeMaster wizards can fuse lodestones together. The size to power ratio is exponential, so a crystal twice the size would have four times the power.

Do they have an orientation (always point north, always point east) Can you use them to navigate?Can you spin them?Is the top always the top? If you flip one upside down does it right itself?
LodeMaster Wizards can configure the properties in a number of ways, to either always point in a certain direction or to align with a specific point in space, or to maintain geo spacial location and/ or orientation for any number of axis. In their natural form, they are generally not locked into and axis/ coordinate, but buoyant

Configured Lodestone examples:

  • every island generally centers around a naturally occurring man-sized Lodestone called a lode core, usually with many smaller crystals orbiting or stuck to it These are geospacially locked in place, and locked against spinning on any axis.
  • Airships will have Lode Anchors which can be set lock in place.
  • Airships will often have a mast from a luftwood tree that grows a lodestone crystal along its core which is very buoyant, and can even change heights with the correct application of energy.. The Luftwood Masts are always oriented straight up and down naturally, and don’t have any XY (horizontal axises) movement or rotation limitation
  • Skyboat oars and paddles do more than beat the air;
  • Airfish will have Lode bladder just beneath their spines to keep them ‘afloat’ and oriented; as well as unidirectional fins so they can propel themselves similar to skyboat oars.
  • Airwhales have all sorts of magical lodestone crap in them which the lazy DM hasn’t thought of yet, which is why they’re so valuable.

Can you carry them to the top of one of the floating islands? Do they get heavier? Can a small pebble crush someone if they try to carry it up a mountain?
The stone would act like reverse buoyancy- it would fall as normal until it hit C-level, then dip through and splash up and down a few times- like throwing a tennis ball in a lake.

Are there different levels of loadstones in the atmosphere?
There are indeed, just the ‘normal’ c-level is most common. You will have know of many as high and as low as imaginable- if unreachable.

Are they like electron levels surrounding atoms?
YES, in that there does seem to be naturally occurring ‘shells’ around the world where lodestone tends to gather.

If we managed to fly up a kilometer would we find a bunch of lodestones floating there?
Would we be able to bring them down to the “normal” level? Are there levels of lodestones below us?

Yes? yes, yes, and they would be straining to return to their ‘natural’ level. A Lode wizard can reconfigure the natural buoyancy height.


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