The Floating Lands:

Session 18: Mines of Mistfall: Ye Olde C4
That one horrible level in NES TMNT where you had to swim around and find all the bombs......

Today’s Adventurers:
Purumars Blackripper, Purrgamon, Freya, Rick, Tanis Raveneye

Session 17: Betrayal in Mistfall
More Murky Mischief in the Mines of Mistfall

Today’s Adventurers: Purumars Blackripper,Purrgamon, Freya

Session 16: The Mines of MistFall
I've got a sinking feeling...

Today’s Adventurers:Freya, Purrgamon, Purumars Blackripper, Tanis Raveneye

Adventure Highlights:
Travelling companions Freya and Purrgamon were travelling from the dwarven Imperium on the long journey to Purrgamon’s forest homelands of Katmandu. Soon after clearing the Dwarven borders, the airship took an unexpected and terrifying dive through the mist, and the Captain told the few passengers in the barge that there was an undeclared stop the ship needed to make…

  • ..arriving on the bubble- protected landing pad, where they find:
    • dozens of tree bark catamarans, with huge lodestones nestled between the double hulls to provide a protective bubble from the UnderMist
    • A overly complex gnumamatic ship torn to peices, being reconstructed by 8 little Gnumamatics
    • A huge gooey black splattery smear surrounded by Tanis Raveneye,Purumars Blackripper,Samadam Wiessestout who’s already walking off to find the nearest booze-hole to drink the agoraphobia away, Rick laying unconscious on the ground alongside a miniature T-Pain almost ripped in 2
    • Bespo standing opposite the group, and
    • surrounded by a crowd of 100 or more small, hardy crystal-callous-crusted Mist Miners.
  • After a misty night’s rest fully of nightmares of things rising up through the mist to eat them,
  • The party is awoken by the clatter of the mist miners gearing to and heading out.
  • Bespo leads the party around on a tour of Mistfall
    • harvesting Lodestone gems freefloating in the the mist
    • the miners are almost like pearl divers, able to see through the impenetrable mist with a personal bubble when they hold their breath
    • the harvest is sorted for trade with the upside lands
  • when the get back, the gnuma pilot of the IVV elite is thrashing and shouting incohenrently and the ship is tearing itself apart
  • Pur spots a dart out of place, embedded in Pilot
  • Rick recognizes them as the Gnuma mind-control darts from in Calderea
  • A Gnome miner sees them extract the dart from Pilot, and books it.
  • Rick valiantly Leaps atop his trust mount Stabby, but not being recovered from yesterdays events over-does it and slumps right off the other side unconscious
  • As the Gnome is running past the huge crystal holding up the landing platform, he chucks a package that sticks to the crystal 10 ft up- and with a huge static shock and lightening cracking up and down the crystal, the bubble field drops and the mist starts creeping in.
  • Tanis gives chase after the gnome
  • Pur trys to scrabble up the crystal to the package
  • Freya leaps atop Stabby and digs her knees in and shouts GIDDIYAP! Hyah! Um Go? Good fishy?
  • Purrgamon leaps on behind Freya and with one whistle the swordfish immediately flies up and prizes the sticky package from the lode crystal
  • the bubble sheild pops back up right as some big rubbery tenticles thump against the sheild
  • Tanis chases the gnome down and tackles him as the gnome throws yet another bubble-dropping sticky package onto another lode stone in passing
  • everyone else is giving chase now between bubbles, when behind them flops a ginormous octopus! 10 ft high head, 15 ft long wriggily tenticles thick as trashcans!
  • tanis is in a bubble on the far side struggling with the gnome who wriggles free and starts booking it again
  • Purrgamon casts druid entanglement, which warps all the wood of the platform the gnome is one and vines wrap around him and stops him short. He struggles to no avail.
  • Tanis comes behind the Gnome and coldcocks him unconscious.
  • Purrgamon leaps off stabble and brings her hands together in a massive thunderwave which slams the octopus back against the lode crystal
  • Freya leaps off the fish and wades into the tenticles with rapier and short sword, slashing and stabbing in a green-goo spurting frenzy while Pur pelts it with arrows
  • much violence later, the octupus squeals and jets off behind an inky dark cloud.
Session 15: In the UnderMist
Mist is German... for poop

In this adventure: Samadam Wiessestout, Purumars Blackripper, Tanis Raveneye


  1. The IVV Elite accepts the team on board, where they have to stay on top
    1. the shattered deck, as the above-board cabin, and guard rails and masts and oars are smashed, cracked, and sheared off
    2. down below decks has become a roiling mass of gears and turbines and wires and pulleys and [r2-unit-analogs] running about the place trying to repair and power and piece together the thing.
    3. There seems there was just enough room in the hold for: Samadam Weisselstout who was along for the ride this whole time obviously, pokes his head out the hold
  2. Rick, the experiance sailor, looks at the shatter oars, makes a quick calculation about their velocity, and has just enough time to ask “Wait how the hell is it-” before an out cropping in the tunnel donks him unconscious.
  3. Rocketing and bouncing down the tunnel passage, being chased by a doublewide eagle-headed war train, gaining on them,
  4. the party shoots out the spotlight searchlights of the eyes between dodging the tunnel walls and volleys of cannonfire exploding about them
  5. just as the train with it’s Imperial dwarven war party is about to catch up with them for boarding, the tunnel lets out into daylight
    1. There are not train tracks as such, rather a line is defined in the sky like the rings of saturn.. random debris forms a path to the infinity point..
  6. one final shot rips through the ship directly and it drops out of the sky like a tone.. into the endless mist below
  7. the war train screams past overhead
  8. covered in the Mist below, the ship stabilizes as descends, the mist flowing up past. The mist is so thich you cannot see from one end of the ship to the other
  9. “Shh” warns Pilot, “we mustn’t make any noise to alert the creatures lurking below”
  10. A huge wall silently slides past the relatively stationary/ descending ship… with scales
  11. A splop in the middle of the deck! Some foul black slimy rubbery flying fish creature lands amid decks and attacks!
  12. After a few round of vicious fighting, Samadam, who was already at the ready, slams the creature in a perfect arc, its claws skittering as it slides off the side of the boat, yanking exposed components and the boats lists 15 degrees port.
    1. put heads to the starboard side, thereby the ship only lilts 14 deg.
  13. Pilot pulls out a scroll from amongst his maps, reads it, and a force bubble encapsulates the boat, forcing back much of the mist so it looks like milk being pored into tea, swirling around the ship
  14. a long quiet descent, interspersed with more of the black creatures slurping against the force field but not able to gain entry
    1. the deeper it gets, the darker it gets, but the mist is still a silvery grey
  15. There’s a big bump, and the party is almost knocked off their feet
  16. The boat “landed” on a giant tree root, and the party is obliged to dismount and walk, pulling the boat behind them like a balloon.
  17. Out from the hull comes a small, half-size Gnumamatic, like a miniature T-Pain.
    1. Apparently Pilot had been able to incubate T-Pain’s mitosis-child until it was viable
    2. Meet: Lil’T!
  18. As they follow the root, the notice ridiculously huge crystals in the mist..
    1. .. then with log platforms built around
    2. .. then with platforms and force bubbles around the crystals
  19. a flying catamaran with a huge crystal between the hulls providing a force field paddles in to view with 4 angry humaoins of various race on board, leveling bows and demanding intent
  20. lil T says, I know where we are, I’m a friend of Bespo
  21. The catamaraners allow entry to the platform the root leads to .. but y’all better stay right there.
  22. The party can’t pull their ships’s bubble through the platform’s giant crystal’s bubble
    1. Lil’ T sings a song of encouragement, and pop they go through
  23. Tanis has heard of Bespo, a scalliwag and scoundrel, a cheat and a scofflaw
  24. Pilot says, “are we ot in dwarflands any more? then scrape this crap off my hull” and on of the R2-analogs start scraping “IVV Elite” off th bow of the ship. “You guys can call me ‘Postpartem Hounds’”
  25. Bespo the small, smooth black cat in sharp-dressed blue & cream robes comes out of the mist, paraphrashes “You gotta a lotta nerve showing up here, after what you pulled last time..” Then he and lil T embrace.
  26. Bespo says Any friend of TPains is a friend of mine. And since this is almost T-Pain, you’re almost friends of mine.
  27. Just then, that black slime monster slurps out of a hole in the hull of Postpartem Hounds, grabs up lil t, rips him in 2 and flees screetching into the mist
  28. slime monster steeplechase, the board game! almost. that could have had more planning.
  29. corner it, slay it, good you can rest!
  30. Bespo: “I got rooms for rest and relaxation and teh healz. Nothing but the best for my friends. And since you’re almost my friends, I almost got you the best rooms”
Session 14: Rocks and Hard places
Surrounded by rocks and hard places

In Todays Adventure: Tanis Raveneye, Rick, Purumars Blackripper


  1. Tanis used the golem to crush half the squal
  2. Pur in the control room with the crysals, devises grenade to burn the other half
  3. The team regrouped int the control room
  4. More and more of Ragnars raiders surrounded them, piloting their own Loading Dock Remote Golems that the DM let get taken down too easily by killing the pilots even though he had them roll with disadvantage to account for the plots hiding behind their massive forearms which indicates the DM really needs to learn to work with learning encounter balancing.
  5. One of the Golems smashes out the far window with a bookshelf
  6. on the other side, deep inside the cave, is a smashed to bits IVV Elite
  7. “Get on, we gotta go!” shouts Pilot
  8. Everybody do.
  9. the ship rockets down the train tunnel, with a superwide Imperial Vor War Train in hot pursuit.
Session 13: Into the Hanger
between a rock and a hard place

Today’s Adventurers: Tanis, Purumars Blackripper, Rick


  1. Roused from his slumber by the ruckus of the bombing raid by Ragnar’s ZeroHawks, Rick goes up on deck to witness the carnage.
  2. The massive steel shutters are grinding closed in the mountainside hanger bay, only to be stopped by a shot ZeroHawk crashing in between the doors
  3. Once the anti-aircraft emplacements are reduced to smoldering rubble, Ragnar’s dual-decked helicarrier The Eirie crested the mountain.
  4. Gnumamatic Pilot of their new ship Elite exclaims, ‘oh, shit!’, and unceremoniously dumps Rick on the dock, and dissapears
  5. Rick is trapped against the side of the mountain by oncoming squads of Ragnar’s Raiders in tight formation
  6. Pur and Tanis are seen to be crashing out of a window in an alley, and being chased by another squad, they jump over the flaming wreckage into the hanger
  7. Rick follows suit, and the massive foot thick steel doors snip the plane in two just as he’s diving through, and his toe get’s caught. Lucky the forgetful DM didn’t keep him pinned there.
  8. The party find themselves in a massive triangular hanger carved into the mountainside, with:
    • 100′ × 50′ steel bay doors behind, with a dead dwarf lying in a pool of blood
      • in an odd skin-tight woven suit, with gloves and boots integral to the whole
      • interwoven with silver filaments in complex spiraling patterns around runes etched and sewn into the whole
      • complex system of zipper and straps to get in and out without disrupting the interwovem patterns
      • a flimsy looking silvr helet, like a combination of a yalmulke and a roman laurel, with wires leading back to the suit
    • a smaller set of 30′×15′ cylyndrical curved steel doors in the corner to the left,
    • 3 x garage/ bays on the left wall,
    • an elevated (20’ high) arced overlook window jutting out from the far corner,
      • replete with a squad of Ragnar’s raiders pointing, shouting, and exiting stage right
    • shelves of tools and rivits and nails and smallish hardware along the right wall, and
    • a busted open door in the right corner.
    • the floor is covered in 4 rows or workbenches with overhanging work lights, almost like an assembly line, culminating in for massive stone and metal hunched over humanoid forms,
  9. Seeing as to how a group of Ragnar’s Raiders are heading down from the overlook, Tanis and Rick move to bar the door.
  10. They can’t fast enough and soon the Raiders are spilling out of the door and forming into formation, with the sheild-men concentrating on protection rather than fighting, and pike men lancing out over the tops
  11. The party is fighting at a distinct disadvantage against the shield wall, ad is forced to fall back after rick suffers a vicious wound
  12. the party backs into each of the 3 bays, each contains stoneworking materials, metalworking materials, or woodworking materials
  13. Rick finds another dwarf in a silly skin-tight suit bleeding out in the corner of his bay, whose dying word are take this, clutching at his clothes. Rick tries on the helmet, and near passes out with a nose bleed and vomiting
  14. Tanis sees another helmet on the workbench in front of him, puts it on, and gets trapped in a loop of looking at himself looking at himself looking at himself……
  15. Puaramar scampers of of the bay and runs about the room, pulling out his bow and taking pot shot where he can. The slow-moving Raider formation closing in on the bays splits off to ’deal with him.
  16. Rick tries again with the helmet, gets double vision, tries to will the Golem to move. It doesn’t, not at all, though the corpse beside him twitches.
  17. running out of time, Tanis grabs the helmet, runs into the bay with Rick and slams the heavy door shut just ahead of the raiders. Conveniently equipped with a sturdy locking mechanims. “Deus ex DM”
  18. The shield men at the door pull some heavy axes and get to chopping. Tanis and Rick fumble about trying to undress the corpse while the Raiders chop away. Rick Tears the left glove off
  19. Pur puts an arrow into the back of one of the choppers, slowing them down, while Tanis and Rick continue to fumble the corpse out of the complex rigging of the suit.
  20. The axes are starting to make a hole through the door, so Rick gets up to defend the door while Tanis struggles to get the suit on, putting an arrow into one of the pikesmen through the gap.
  21. Pur skirts about the detachment chasing him, and runs up the side door towards the overlook room, much faster than pursuers
  22. Raiders hack through the door, and start to come through, but Rick blocks the gap with an entangling strike, thorny vines spouting from the Raider locking him in the hole as Tanis continues to struggle into the suit
  23. Pur locks herself behind an impressive steel door in a control room, with 2 dead Dwarven officers, a locked door, incomprehensible control panels full of shiny glittery buttons and gauges, overlooking this bay and :
    • a semicircular closed bay on the opposite side,
      • with lots of crate & barrel and
      • another cylindrical 30′×15′ shutter door set directly opposite.
  24. Struggling to get free, the lead raider further hurts himself on the thorny vines, but his collegue pulls him out of the mess, and steps into the void in his place, bringing his shield up.
  25. Rick prances about as Tanis finally gets the suit on.
  26. Pur looks for keys, finds them on a dead Bergsgarten officer, starts trying them in the locked door
  27. Tanis finds himself able to see through the Golem and move his body, and picks up the massive 5′×10′ wooden workbench in front of him. Unfortunately the left hand is unresponsive as Rick tore the glove of the suit. He starts towards the Bay where the Raiders are starting to come though
  28. Pur finds a supply closet full of lodestone of various usages, comes back out, has another look at the controls, and figures its for controlling the doors and… something else. He jiggles the 30′×15′ bay doors open and closed and open again, hoping to distract the raiders from raiding.
    1. It doesn’t really.
    2. A 15’ Golem clumping towards them with an oak table bludgeon, however, does.
  29. Only able to control his right hand, Tanis attempts a backhanded swipe of the Raiders with that workbench, but it goes over their heads, and instead staves in the heavy wooden bay door which pins the raider facing off with Rick to the floor…..

ooh, what a cliffhanger! See you next time!!

Session 12: Ragnar Raids Bergsgarten
Mounting meyhem in the mountains

Today’s adventurers: Alprin Metalblaster, tanis, Purumars Blackripper


  1. rick goes back to ship to sleep..
  2. Talking with the locals, they’re all master craftsmen of every sort, all collaborating on some massive semi-secret project
  3. fighter planed make some bombing runs on the town, destroying the anti-aircraft gun emplacements
  4. the of the planes is shot down and crashes into the massive metal doors set into the side of the mountain
  5. bombs fall, fires start
  6. a lady is rescued from a burning building
  7. A massive aircraft carrier crests the mountain
  8. armoured squads rappel down to the town and start securing the town and rounding up citizenry, battle cry : “RAGNAR!”
  9. The party ducks out from an oncoming patrol into the back of a bar
  10. The bar is embroiled in battle with one of the patrols
  11. The party helps the locals defeat the patrol, but reinforcements are coming, and the back door is about to bust in from another patrol
  12. The party jumps out a high window behind the bar and runs to the massive doors….
  1. the DM forgot to give out XP
Session 11: Bergsgarden
Loot pileup.

Today’s adventurers: Alprin Metalblaster,Rick,tanis,Purumars Blackripper
session highlights

  1. the kingdoms got together a bunch of loot for the party.
  2. and traveled out to bergsgarten, where they got even more loot at the provincial capital
  3. as if that wasn’t enough, then the party also felt as though they had to go shopping. In the racist town of bergsgarten. So everything cost 5 times as much as it normally would for foreigners. Except for when Rick sent in the dwarf to barter for him in which case it was only twice as expensive as everything would normally cost.
    1. the ship IVV elite
    2. a pair of pens that duplicate with the other one is writing
    3. A pair of orbs that look through each other
    4. A pair of stones that emanate the sound that the other one is hearing
    5. A case of healing syringes
    6. A case of stimulant syringes
  4. a bar fight is skillfully put in its place by Rick and Tanis, earning the grudging respect of the locals.
  5. Three wolves are killed off camera by Alprine
Session 10: The Vor Imperium
politicking, Dwarven Style...

Adventurers: tanis, Alprin Metalblaster, Purumars Blackripper, Alprin Metalblaster


  1. The Special Task Force travels to the Dwarven Capital city of vor Imperius, to entreat the United Dwarven Kingdoms to muster a force equal to the threat in Caeldera
  2. On their way there in the IVV Stout, they encounter a stream of human, gnumamatic, and gnuma refugees fleeing the capital city, citing a lot of non-dwarven hating going on
  3. The once grand alibaster Pillar oif the Imperium, the mountain-tall tower of the seat of power for thousands of years is now a scarred and charred ruin.
    1. The damage had come from the artillary bombardment that destroyed the Emporer vor Daedelus’ royal family and brutally concluded the Great War between elves and dwarves and all the other species that had gotten drawn in.
  4. The IVV stout docks, where everyone is noticably all dwarven
    1. the task force needs to cross the docks to the sky taxis that will take them to the high tower embassy
    2. The poor and destitute and dockworkers, and jeer and jostle the human, half-elf and cat, calling the dwarf a race-traitor and flinging rotton food
    3. The cat drops runs across to the cabs amongst the feet, andthe swift half elf follows suit
    4. The human leaps astride Stabby the swordfish
    5. The dwarf turns and faces the crowd of aggressors, outright killing one of the mob with a magic bolt point blank
    6. Rick swoops and gets Alprin atop Stabby and rises- but one of the mob is hanging on to the saddle. The good old fashioned boot to the face puts an end to that.
    7. The cab driver is dubious about helping two foreigners ‘get outta here’ until Pur presents
  5. The party rests overnight in the tilted floating tower embassy of the province of vorFluss, and share a nightmare of a coil of snakes growing out of the mist in the night to swallow the moon
  6. vorFluss Delegate vorWolke brings Alprin to the table, as it were, and the Dwarven Parliment continues with unhelpful infighting resulting in a denial of available service for the party
  7. one of the other Delegates relates the same dream, and goes on to say he dreamt of the key to the problem being found in a floating forest full of eyes reflecting back from the dark.
    1. A-ha! Katmandu!
  8. Being now more receptive, Alprin launches into a rousing speech for King and Country and the good of all that honestly made me wish I recorded this crap… it was some tyrion level speech.
  9. Pretty much everybody agrees to chip in to the quest to help you find the key in katmandu, and now the DM has to think of some awesome things to give the party.
Session 9: Pirate Captain Redbeard's Capture
piracy and mechromancy don't play well together.

In this Adventure: Alprin Metalblaster,Purumars Blackripper, tanis


  1. After the two goblins flee deeper into the Hideout and slam the door behind them.
  2. Tanis tries to lockpick, then Alprin kicks down the door
  3. eh.. wot happened? fighty fighty, stabby stabby, searchy, searchy, TREASURE!
  4. Redbeard, taken into custody
  5. A dozen Gnumamatic, ready to be sold into slavery, are freed.

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